Current issues

Many land-use, zoning, and legislative issues may affect the rural/suburban quality of life for Hollywood Hill residents.

Please contact the Association if you have any questions, comments, or new issues which you feel are important to Hollywood Hill residents.

Winery Ordinance

Understanding the issues leading to the “winery ordinance” is a crucial element to our effective defense of our homes and community. We know the issues involved in the “winery ordinance” can seem complex, so we have distilled them into a Q&A article, which can be found here.

Winery Ordinance Q & A (2/25/2019)

Tasting Rooms are not Wineries (2/1/2016)

Count Updates and Reforms

King County Code Reform (2/1/2016)

2016 King County Comprehensive Plan Update (11/8/2015)

Past Issues

Community Service Areas

PSE High-Pressure Natural Gas Pipeline:

Stop the UGB move (2012)

HHA comments to King County on Sammamish Valley UGB (2012)

Tourist District Rezone Proposal (2009)

Tourist District Zoning Proposal (2004)

Rural Economic Strategies (2006)

Farmland Preservation

Muller Farm Swap(2004)

Gold Creek Ziplines